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Who We Are.

Videographer. Photographer. Storyteller. 
James Hughes III.
I have been creating since I can remember. Writing was my first passion which helped develop a love for metaphors. Photography, and an appreciation of cameras as a tool for visual storytelling came years later in college, where I graduated McDowell Technical Community College with an Associates in Photographic Technology. It was there that my worlds came together as I discovered videography and the power digital storytelling has on the world. I later attended the University of North Carolina at Asheville, majoring in Mass Communication. I found myself heading several video projects as well as landing Co-Multimedia Editor over the video program of the Blue Banner (UNCA's newspaper).
It was the winter of 2017 that I decided I had invested enough in my education and decided that with my best friend, it was time to put my acquired skills of the past decade to use for myself and my hometown.
We started AuMedia in the Summer of 2018 and haven't looked back since (except to write this bio).
Tommy Todd.
I have always enjoyed solving a problem and yielding real world results. I love video because of it's many layers and finding solutions for obstacles along each part of its process. Nothing can ever be too perfect, offering constant ways of learning and refining the craft. 
I really love getting to see new things. Each story we tell is a new world we get to see into and be a part of. Helping people share what they are passionate about with the rest of us. 
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